Associations are instrumental in making the voices of members heard. They are basically coming together of individuals or organizations with a common interest to amplify their voices. They are also essential for forging partnerships and networks. Gold miners and explorers in Canada embraced this and came together to form regional associations. The following are some of the miners’ associations in Canada.

Alberta Gold Prospectors Association

This is an association of like-minded people who pan for gold in Alberta and enjoy doing it. It is a guided exploration of gold in Alberta.

British Columbia Placer Miners Association

This is an organization of companies, local associations, and clubs that have an interest in prospecting activities and placer mining. The organization activities include large and small scale mining ventures and placer prospecting. The group also organizes recreational and networking activities.

Cariboo Miners Association

Based in Yukon, the main objective of this association is the conservation of the rights and promotion of the interests of those involved in the placer mining industry in the area. They negotiate with the government on legislation and policies affecting miners in Yukon.

Ontario Prospectors Association

This is the umbrella association for all Ontario regional associations. Founded in the 1980s, its main objective is to represent the interests of individual mineral prospectors and the mineral exploration industry at large.

Vancouver Island Placer Miners Association

This association was formed to take care of the interest of those involved in placer mining and mineral exploration work in Vancouver.

Vernon Placer Miner’s Club

The primary objective of this association is to promote placer mining heritage in British Columbia. It also promotes a good relationship between placer and recreation miners in the area. It’s a very active club with annual competitions which bring these two groups together.

As we have seen, the main objective of these associations is to promote the interest of their members.