Since the chalcolithic age, gold has remained to be one of the most valued metals on the planet. That is because unlike other elements, gold is only available in small amounts, and it is its rarity that often places it at the top of other ores. It is not clear when gold was first introduced to man, but as early as 700BC, people were using this precious metal to trade. It has ever since grown in value, and even today, only a few ounces of gold is worth a lot of money.

The Perception of Gold in Society

Modern society associates gold with extreme wealth. That is why its colour, which is bright yellow when in its purest form, is often used to signify riches in many instances. Having a single ounce of gold can fetch more than $1,000 in the trade market. Currently, the precious metal adorns supercars, cellphones, and other luxurious items to catapult their value significantly. Online casino games such as Midas Gold make use of its colour to bring out a vibrant theme and add a wealth vibe to make the games even more alluring.

Its versatility has made it an ideal material to forge various precious items such as watches without fracturing the metal. These items are then sold to some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet who use them to showcase their social class. Some people use the metal to decorate castles and other buildings, an idea that always raises their market value. The noble stature of gold has seen it used to engrave various precious items in kings’ palaces as well as other places that hold high value in society. That alone indicates how valuable the metal is and the significance gold holds, in terms of both currency and nobility. It is the type of metal that doesn’t just occur anywhere but in specific places, making it the most precious mineral on earth.